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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Update on Funny Complaint Letter #4!!!

Well, it only took six months of back and forth, but we've finally prevailed in our fight with the Shangri-La Hotel...

To refresh your memory of the nightmare that was our honeymoon stay at the hotel, here's Funny Complaint Letter #4 to the Shangri-La Hotel Cairns.

The hotel ignored my first complaint letter, stalled for several months over my second one because a key manager was on holidays, then tried blaming us, then offered for us to return to their hotel. Not only do we have zero need to travel back to Cairns so soon, but as if we'd really want to after the last experience! The last straw was their "take it or leave it" attitude when I was offering a reasonable alternative to settle the dispute (ie to stay in their Sydney property instead).

Finally, I got back to our travel agency, Phil Hoffmann Travel, who were most helpful in sorting out the whole sordid affair. Full points to them!

The outcome? A $250 refund for our first night's stay and us vowing to never darken the door of the Shangri-Blah ever again!


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  4. Sometimes winning prizes can be like your experience, but thankfully most major prize wins are hassle free.

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  6. That is so true. As an author and business man, I can relate to how you said "The last straw was their "take it or leave it" attitude when I was offering a reasonable alternative to settle the dispute". I hope more people discover your blog because you really know what you're talking about. Can't wait to read more from you!

  7. I started writing funny complaint letters and turned them into a blog. I've gotten many great responses and a large fan base. Check it out!

    I convinced Chipotle to extend their hours, got free bus tour tickets at locations around the country, received complimentary gift certificates from various restaurants and bars, and added a wine glass to the emoji application to name a few.

    Here's an example of one I wrote to a tour bus company in Miami. Enjoy!


    I wanted to speak to someone regarding a situation that I encountered on a Miami Big Bus Tour the other day. As I am a broke college student, I had been looking forward to this tour for quite some time and had to save a pretty penny in order to fund your services. I do have to say that your tour is of the finest in the area and allowed me to educate myself on the history of this wonderful city, immerse myself in its culture, and catch some rays along the way. However, there was a specific instance that I want to bring to your attention regarding hazardous palm trees that interfered with my trip. Five minutes into the ride, I was caught off-guard by a palm tree branch that nearly decapitated me while traveling 25-30 mph. It was a rather startling experience and by the time I recovered from the first hit, I got attacked for a second time. Repeatedly, this kept occurring, as though I was being beat or punished for getting on the bus. I was trying my hardest to learn about the historic architecture and Jewish memorials that were built upon Miami's sacred grounds, but I simply couldn't focus, as I had to play defense for the remaining miles to come. This torture occurred to me because I unknowingly chose a seat on the farthest left side of the bus. If I had been warned ahead of time, I could have easily manipulated my sister into taking that seat, and there wouldn't have been a problem. At the time, I was oblivious to this fact and and am now leaving my vacation with battle wounds while she returns home with the flawless tan. In order to fix this problem and prevent others from acquiring this unforeseen palm tree paranoia that I now suffer with, I have provided you with a few recommendations:
    Trim all palm trees within the five mile tour zone on Collins Ave.
    Provide protective head gear and eye wear for all passengers sitting on the farthest left side of the bus
    I am not a scientist, but growth hormones to extend the height of the palm trees is probably a possibility if not now, in the near future
    Provide me with some sort of refund or souvenir for undergoing this unpleasant experience
    Although I had this unfortunate experience, I am sure that the rest of the passengers that were not abused traveled back home and raved about your services to their friends and families. From what I remember of the tour, it was enlightening and educational and am sure there was a reasonable explanation for this minor obstruction. Thank you very much for listening and I hope to hear back soon.