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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Morning Show Update

Well, I didn't fart, hurl or hiccup during my TV appearance, so I'm calling that a win. If you haven't seen it, check it out: Morning Show appearance.

In fact, it was kinda exhilarating when I wasn't hyperventilating. I showed up at the Radelaide studio opposite the brewery mega-early and then spent a whole heap o' waiting-around time with the cameraman, Rick. Occasionally someone from the Sydney studio checked I still had a pulse by small-talking to me down the earpiece and I could hear the hosts as the time got closer. I was particularly weirded out by a stretch of silence being broken by someone's joke about nipples during an ad break (I think it was Larry Emdur, but don't quote me!).

The actual segment flew by. Once I got going, I actually crapped on too long and was a bit thrown by being asked questions veering away from those planned the day before. I felt massive relief afterwards and raced to my friend's place nearby to catch myself live on the tube (we have a 30-minute delay here). I also called my work so they could check it out too.

It sure was a rush, but I'd have a coronary if I was on TV too often. I have a new-found respect and empathy for the CommSec guy, Tom Piotrowski, who I dubbed "Nervous Guy" years ago for his anxious on-air persona. Sorry Tom, I now see why!

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  1. I remember watching that - you did a great job.