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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Roadtest #5: Caption Competitions

Picture it: a photo of the prime minister bending over behind a horse's tail. It's almost screaming for a speech bubble about a horse and an ass, isn't it. Well, if your talent is conjuring witty one-liners like this, you'll love a good caption competition.

I Googled "caption competitions" recently and found several on popular and obscure web sites alike. My entry for the picture below at my local radio station site?

"Layne Beachley's been all over me like a rash-ie vest. Time to fake a headache..."

Magazines like New Weekly, Reader’s Digest and Inside Sport also run caption competitions, with prizes of movie tickets, gift baskets or small amounts of cash. The pictures can be cartoons, celebrities caught in awkward poses, or just a slapstick picture of animals or humans. So once you've found a caption contest, how do you write a clever entry?

Take the top picture -- what is that critter doing? Brainstorm words that describe the scene: hamster, gerbil, pray, wish, sceptre, king, small, little, whiskers, hand, mini, fur, white. Which of these words can we use as a pun? Perhaps pray/prey? Or use "fur real" instead of "for real"? "All white" instead of "all right"?

For example:
Dear gerbil God, I pray that I won't be prey tomorrow!

I'm sure you could conjure a much better entry than this, so get Googling and get started!

Caption competitions -- enjoy a little fun in the pun!

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