One woman's mission to win as many prizes as possible...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Roadtest #10: Supermarket Competitions

Once upon a time there was a girl named Beck. She trudged the supermarket aisles, dutifully carrying out her evil grocery chores. Then one day, she saw more competitions then she could ever imagine...

In this magical land (Coles) there were fabulous products and prizes and freebies (oh my!):
  • Snickers bar (1 in 6 wins a free bar instantly)
  • Perfect Italiano cheese (purchase 2 products and win $1,000 instantly or the chance to win an exclusive Masterchef experience)
  • Pantene (Free adult movie ticket with every treatment purchased)
  • Milo bar (instantly win $50 cash)
  • Pepsi Max (win a $50,000 UK Top Gear trip)
  • Dora the Explorer cheese (3 family holidays + Dora prizes daily)
Some were on pads of entry forms hanging like fruits from the vinelike shelves, ripe for the picking. Others were printed on the products themselves or on stickers attached.

Reading the packs carefully, she followed the instructions for her desired prizes. She purchased a Snickers bar, but unfortunately when she ripped open the wrapper, mischievous elves had left a message saying "Try Again". She enjoyed the chocolate anyway. Next she entered the Perfect Italiano competition. She could enter numbers from the barcodes online, by SMS or telephone. Beck kept her receipt in case she will be asked for it as proof of purchase. She neatly filed it away in her receipts folder.

She decided to save the other promotions for her next adventure in this fantastic place. In the meantime she will wait in her cottage to hear if she has won a Masterchef experience. If not, she has decided to buy more cheese to build her next cottage and keep the oven hot in case ratbag kids try to eat it.

The next time you're cruising the supermarket aisles wish very, very hard and competitions will appear everywhere. Enter them and things could end happily ever after in the land of fair retail.


  1. It's a whole new world once your eyes are opened, isn't it? I have been enjoying the excitement of winning movie tickets just for buying Riva coffee and now they're offering fuel cards! Yippee! Only for the early risers though.... I'm checking out IGA tomorrow as I've heard I can win an ipod a day just for buying apples!

  2. Nice Apple iPod tie-in with buying your Granny Smiths or Red Deliciouses!

    I've never been too opposed to going grocery shopping anyway, being a huge fan of food. Comping makes it even better. : )

    I reckon Christmas is the best time for supermarket comps though. They're a bit thinner on the ground right now.