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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Roadtest #3: VIP Clubs

As a mailing list member, I received an invitation to a recent Myer VIP event.

After 5pm on a weekday, I pretty much turn into a pumpkin. However, I can be enticed out of my hobbit-hole by food or freebies. Or, in this case, a $10 voucher. Before you gasp at my cheapness, consider that it was usable even if the product was $10.05 and therefore purchased for 5 cents. Yep, a pretty good deal. So, I planned to snaffle a ten-buck pair of earrings or stockings and make like Cinderella.

This was before I discovered the ball had free champagne at the door. Myer, you really are my store!

With Christmas presents still to be purchased, I figured I'd check out the bargains. And got trapped in the book section. At 40% off everything, I braved the ginormous queue twice. Oh. My. God.

Best of all, an entry barrel to win Chanel sunglasses as I breezed out the door.

Yes, I realise Myer just plied me with alcohol and I gave it up like a desperate date, but damn if it wasn't an enjoyable retail rogering.

So next time your favourite store asks you to join its VIP club, sign on the dotted line and wait for the champagne parties to begin!

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