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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Roadtest #13: Shopping Malls

Madonna was onto something -- I am definitely a material girl...

Working in the city, I tend to frequent the same eateries and haunt the same shoe stores every weekday. Lately, I've made a conscious effort to take the arcade less travelled to investigate the prize-winning potential of that most sacred of places, the shopping mall.

Frankly, I was digging for an exciting stamp-your-card food court promotion (receive a stamp for every meal you order and enter once you've collected five -- that sort of thing), but I was out of luck.

However, competitions and offers I did find included:
1.   Pet store: 300 Marmaduke prize packs in a colouring competition (slightly outside my age range, methinks).
2.   Shopping centre: Win a global fashion tour by spending over $50 in a specialty shop.
3.   Priceline pharmacy: Free movie ticket when you purchase any Swisse product.
4.   Myer department store: Win a Twilight prize pack by purchasing any Twilight Eclipse product and then enter in 25 words or less online.
5.   Borders bookstore: Purchase any Lonely Planet book with a promotional sticker to instant win your way around the world.

I haven't thrown my hat in the ring for any of these prizes yet, but I'm craving a free holiday, so I think 2 and 5 bear further investigation. This list disappoints me, though. I swear on occasion I've barely been able to walk five paces in a mall without a competition hitting me square between the eyes. It must not be open season on competitions this time of year. Perhaps Christmas time is when they all come out to play.

The verdict? Some malls woo me, some malls lure me. I think they're okay. But if they don't give me proper prizes, I just walk away-ay.

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