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Thursday, January 21, 2010


I LOVE WINNING is an Australian blog dedicated to the gentle art of winning competitions.

My love of prizes and free stuff can be traced back to my computer adventure game obsession as a kid. The aim of those games? To pick up whatever isn't nailed down. My on-screen character stowed shields, mirrors, fiddles and more in his tiny clown car-like pockets.

Even before, at the age of 3 or 4, I would regularly pluck flowers from strangers' gardens on neighbourhood walks with my dad. Yes, I was a scab from an early age!

This history of petty theft laid the groundwork for a love of competitions that lay dormant until I was a poverty-stricken uni student. Instead of hooking up with Oliver Twist and Fagin and learning how to pick pockets, I discovered competitions.

Entering competitions is the best hobby. It's fun, profitable and gives you hope -- that even on your worst day, something wonderful could be just around the corner. When I started, I was amazed to find a whole community of competition addicts on the Internet. Now, I'm amazed there aren't more of us, which brings me to the aims of this blog...

I hope to show you how to enter competitions and inspire you to take the plunge. There's a kind of competition or freebie-foraging for everyone -- whether you enjoy writing away for samples, solving crosswords and puzzles, cutting out barcodes, mystery shopping, taking quirky photos or conjuring natty answers in 25 words or less. I aim to trial them all and keep you updated on my prize hits and misses!

I'd love to hear your suggestions for this blog, stories on how you've won and other comments. Contact me.

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Want to know where to start? Check out my roadtests of various types of competitions.

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  1. hello! i'm curious, to get your steady stream of wins, how many competitions do you enter a week?
    also, i LOVE your blog!
    Im a poverty stricken student atm myself, thus, BRING ON THE COMPS.