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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Won a Lush Christmas Pack!

I was ecstatic when Paula Joye, ex-editor of Madison magazine, launched her long-awaited web site, LifeStyled, a couple of months ago.  Even more excitement ensued when I found a competition on it...

My husband, Adam, is a huge fan of Lush bath bombs (I know, kinda foofy for a guy to like, but he's at peace with it). I'm somewhat partial to them myself, especially in gorgeous smells like cotton candy and Redskins. The competition on LifeStyled was to win one of ten gorgeous Christmas packs by answering in 25 words or less "why you deserve a Lush-cious Christmas".

Here's my entry:
I'd love to go ballistic,
It'd be such a rush,
To relax in soapy goodness,
Thanks to Life.Styled. and Lush!

And guess what? I won!

I received pack wrapped Japanese-style in the colourful scarf, with three ballistics and a soap. Beautiful!

If anyone's looking for me, I'm in the bath...


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