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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Roadtest #4: Freebies and Samples

If it's freebies and samples you desire, the world is one big scavenger hunt! For my latest roadtest, I mixed treasure with pleasure.

Obsessed with all things Sex and the City, I was searching for a free Sarah Jessica Parker fragrance vial recently when I happened upon a wonderful freebies and samples web site:, which lists companies with current offerings and how to contact them. I ordered samples of Du Jour tampons, Purina cat food, Temptations cat treats, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, Artline pens, and Hugo Boss and Lacoste perfume.

Two weeks later, my lovely red Artline pen arrived, followed by Palmer's moisturiser sachets and a Purina kitten starter pack, with a detailed book about kitten care, collar and pack of cat crunchies, all shown in the photo above. Needless to say all persons and pussycats in our household are thrilled with this haul. And we didn't have to win a thing.

Other gems offered by companies include garden seeds, eye drops, shampoo, coffee, DVDs, cookbooks, T-shirts and washing powder. Several competition web sites, including, list freebies and samples found by members. Sifting through all the entries can be a bit of a trash and treasure free-for-all, but you are sure to find offers that interest you amongst the filler. It’s also a fun distraction for kids, as they’ll love being sent stickers, posters, activity books and other bits and pieces.

If you are really keen, you could select a few companies whose products you adore or are curious to try and email/write to them simply requesting freebies...

Example Letter:

Dear Lipton,

I have always enjoyed your black tea bags, but would love to try some of your new flavoured teas. Would it be possible to send me some samples?

My address is:
14 Freebie Terrace



It's like a funny complaint letter without the whinging or taking the trouble to be humorous. You just point blank ask for what you'd like. And wait for the treasure to find you.

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  1. Hubby rang recently with a complaint about bread packaging and after numerous calls boldly ASKED for a voucher to compensate him for his time!