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Monday, December 21, 2009

Roadtest #1: Funny Complaint Letters

Dear Stamford Plaza hotel,

My fiance and I booked the Winter Snuggler deal last year, eagerly anticipating some stylish, yet cosy, head attire.

Unfortunately, upon sleeping in and missing breakfast, we crawled downstairs to find that you had run out of beanies. We were told we should have been informed on arrival, but alas this had been overlooked.

Truth be told, I did not feel sufficiently snuggled by the Winter Snuggler deal. Now, to add insult to AWOL beanie, I have received a brochure advertising this year's Winter Snuggler deal and the prodigal beanie has returned. It's even unabashedly parading itself in a photo on some undeserving hussy's head.

That bitch stole my beanie!!
Yours Sincerely,
Beanie Bitter

(aka Rebecca Doyle)

Success. Two beanies promptly arrived in the mail:

Thanks, Stamford!! xxoo

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