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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Roadtest #7: Internet Competitions

It's probably no secret: I'm quite the fan of the Internet. And I lurrrrrrrve Internet competitions. If you're already hooked up to the Web, you can enter an infinite number of promotions for free, all in the comfort of your jim-jams and ugg boots.

It's so handy to enter Web competitions at work or at home, whenever I want. By far the majority of my entries would be by this method, and it's never difficult to find more promotions.

Places I find Internet competitions include:

  1. Old Favourites: Sites I return to frequently include Channel 9, SAFM radio, and Madison and Marie Claire magazines. Click on the "Win" or "Competitions" tab for each site.
  2. Email Newsletters: Often it's a condition of entry to join a company's email newsletter list. When you've entered countless competitions, your inbox fills up quickly. Fortunately, these emails notify you of juicy new opportunities to win.
  3. Google: Type "win" and/or "competitions" into a search engine, along with a certain product you're coveting. It's a bit hit and miss, but can surprise you with wonderful new prize possibilities.
  4. Australian Competitions Club: is free to join and has a list of web competitions, which tells you if you need to purchase a product, whether the competition requires a "25 words or less" answer and provides puzzle answers and codewords if required by the particular promotion. It's all laid out on a platter for you. Bless 'em.
Remember to check in the terms and conditions of each competition whether you can enter more than once (daily, weekly or unlimited entries are often allowed). Also carefully read writing beside checkboxes to determine if you need to tick or untick them to ensure you don't receive unwanted marketing material.

So, whether you fancy photo, caption, "25 words or less", randomly drawn or any other competitions, you'll likely find it on the Internet. Wait for it -- I've got a great pun coming...

Oh, what a tangled Web we weave when first we practice to receive!

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