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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I LOVE WINNING on Channel 7's Morning Show!

Television's The Morning Show contacted me after reading my article on winning and asked me to appear on the show. So, it's showtime.

I will be appearing tomorrow (Wednesday, 12 May 2010 -- about 9:50am, Adelaide time) to discuss the wonderful world of comping -- how I began the hobby, prizes I've won, and tips on winning. I can't wait to chat with Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies, 'cos, you know, I'm just wild about Harry (Larry) and Harry's just wild about meeeeee (Larry). (Does anyone else remember that advert?)

Now, just praying I won't embarrass myself Bridget Jones-style. Luckily there are no fireman's poles to slide down. And apparently I'll wear an earpiece, but won't be able to see myself or the hosts on a screen. I think this is for the best, as I can kid myself into thinking no one can see me. Nerves aside, I am ecstatic about this opportunity. I haven't been on TV before, so I'll try to relax and have fun.

Will let you know how I go!


  1. I thought you did a great job!

  2. Thanks Andrew,

    I rushed to my friend's place to watch it (there's a 30 minute time delay) and it's so weird seeing yourself on TV... and embarrassing!

  3. I didn't see your interview first hand, sadly but have watched the it on the internet. You did way better than I would ever do, I'd freeze.

    I also love winning, only last week I won a trip to Nice from entering an SMS competition. That would certainly go hand in hand with the car we won a couple of years back. I don't enter near as many competitions as you or as I should, but do have my fair share of wins.

    I have also read your blog a few times previously, this is the first time I have posted on it though :)

    All the best to you Rebecca and keep winning!

  4. Hi Becks, again I'm catching up on the weekend and see I've missed seeing you on TV. Have watched it on the website and also thought you did well. Were you happy with it?

    I did think it was funny when you said to enter 25 wol comps as people can't bothered. I was staggered to see in the recent Sussan Win a trip to Paris comp that they'd had 14,000 entries! Mine didn't win so naturally I think it was a draw! Although the winner's was quite good I have to say. But 14,000? Seems like people are listening to those tips....


  5. Wow Christine, a trip to Nice and a car!!

    That's pretty good going. SMS competitions have never really been my fave, but now I'm reconsidering!

  6. Hey sandybottoms,

    I was reasonably happy with how I went on TV. It was my first time, so I don't think I could have done much better. I might try to say "um" a thousand or so less times on my next attempt!

    Far out, 14,000 entries in the Sussan comp. I think it would be fascinating to interview some competition judges and find out how they REALLY sift through all those entries. Will have to do that on I LOVE WINNING soon...

  7. Yes, excellent idea but do you think they'll tell the truth?? LOL.

  8. Thank you Becks, as for entering SMS comps, you just need to limit yourself to a set amount/number of entries. I have a dread of words or less, so very rarely enter them.

    Wow sandybottoms 14000 entries, that's a lot of reading the promoters would need to read to get the winner - gosh you'd have the biggest headache.

    Keep winning :)

  9. I'll be contacting some competition judges in the next week or so. Let's see what they have to say.

    Perhaps Sussan should be first on my list? : )