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Friday, March 19, 2010

His 'n' Hers Wins!

An unmarked package arrived today. Not wanting a "surprise" from a disgruntled customer at work, I checked for ticking noises. Finding it safe, I opened to discover these awesome DVDs!

Fame, Bend It Like Beckham and B-girl. I am fanatical about the original Fame. I went to the musical, bought the T-shirt, own the CD soundtrack and have the original on DVD. I totally sing the body electric, whatever the hell that means. I haven't seen the recent remake though, and will be correcting that immediately. Unsure who sent these to me, but I love them. Thanks anonymous benefactor. : )

This comes hot on the heels of Adam's debut winning success! He's picked up tickets to Green Zone, starring Matt Damon. It gets a good rap on, with a rating of 7.2 out of 10. Being a girly-girl, I glazed over when reading the plot, only understanding "something, something... army intelligence... weapons of mass destruction... something, something... Matt Damon *drools*". So yeah, looking forward to a perv fest with possible actual plot and audio-visual pleasure along the way. Nice work, Adamski!

Here's to a few free cinemagic experiences!

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