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Friday, March 26, 2010

Alice in Won-derland

Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland were two of my favourite childhood stories. My copies had holographic covers and bright, whimsical puppet illustrations. Later, a high school Maths assignment asked me to profile a famous mathematician and I chose Alice author, Lewis Carroll. He was actually a maths professor, explaining the twisted logic puzzles in his writing. When I recently watched Tim Burton's new movie version, my fascination with the story returned in full force. Is it any wonder(land) that I'm desperate to lay hands on Alice-themed prizes?

If the movie of your dreams hits the cinemas (and afterwards, is released on DVD), it's time to pounce on some magnificent merchandise. Think tickets to the movie or the new DVD, soundtrack CDs, T-shirts, watches, caps, books, computer games and holidays. Then there's tie-ins specific to the movie itself. For Alice in Wonderland, I've spied a giveaway of tea sets, but the possibilities are endless -- croquet set, alice band hair accessories, playing cards, chess set, garden flamingoes, fabulous hat, vibrator called "The Rabbit" (or maybe not)...

From a Google search of "Alice in Wonderland win" I enter to bag:
*   OPI nail polish
*   "Almost Alice" CD of songs inspired by the film
*   Nintendo DS game
*   Alice-themed prize pack, including double pass to the movie

Everything from fashion to music to video gaming has gotten the Alice treatment lately, but jump on the fad before it tumbles back down the rabbit hole forever. Visit web sites for cinemas, magazines and radio stations and the promotional site for the movie, and see promotions in stores, supermarkets and magazines and anywhere else you can imagine.

Be moved by a movie today and start entering. Soon you'll be frollicking in Won-derland too!

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