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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Japanese Porn

So many memories from our free holiday to Japan, including a porn warning (or "porning") for weary travellers...

Our first night in Tokyo. 11pm in our quiet suburban hotel. My (now ex-) partner discovers the pay-per-view porn channel on TV and accidentally unlocks it. Me having the slightly better mastery of Japanese, he begs me to explain to the reception staff. Disbelief. I force him to trudge downstairs too. Surprising enough, the Lonely Planet guidebook doesn't include such common phrases as "I don't want to pay for the TV porn that my horny-yet-hapless boyfriend unlocked". I settle for various permutations of the Japanese words for "no", "sex", "television", and "money". Disbelief again, this time from hotel staff. They go to a translator web site. We type our request in English and the hotel staff are nodding. Relief.

During less hair-raising moments in Japan, we managed to capture some photos.

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